The many stories of a history

Cases and coated boxes. These are Pusterla 1880’s products which, despite appearances, are not the fruit of simple machine work, but spring from a specialization generated by the company’s skill of correctly interpreting users’ needs.

These are the bases on which Pusterla 1880 was constructed. The company’s history started in the late 19th century with Alessandro Pusterla, when it was constituted by men who invested their own common effort in trying to do more and better.

Thus, in a succession of dates lies the experience of generations, the will of doing better and the ability to imagine the future:
● 1880. Alessandro Pusterla founds the company A. Pusterla – box factory with lithography for steam packaging of wooden and cardboard boxes.
● 1922. The company is purchased by the Meana family, which still heads it today.
● 1948. The production of foldable cases starts.
● 1960. Paper-making also enters the cosmetics and perfume industry.
● 1984. Opening of the Venegono Inferiore plant.
● 1997. First UNI EN ISO 9002 certification.
● 1999. Acquisition in France of Coffrets Création.
● 2004. Founding year of Dacica Teca in Romania.
● 2005. One hundred twenty-five years: “beautiful and well-made” boxes.
● 2009. Acquisition of Cartonnages Cazelles and Termoformages Tepor, again in France.
● 2009 Pusterla 1880 SpA is born.
These events contain the entire essence of Pusterla 1880, whose goal is that of making other people’s ideas and projects concrete by combining aesthetics and technical needs.
● 2013 Minority acquisition of London Fancy box.
● 2013 On December 7th, the Architect, leading figure of the company from 1973 to today, passes away; his son Luca and nephew Roberto Marini continue to lead the family business.