Our sustainable policies at Packaging Première

On the occasion of the Packaging Première of May, Pusterla 1880 had the chance to take part at a round table dedicated to new sustainability goals in the paper supply chain, together with Andres Ortolano Tabolacci, CoC Technical Assistant of FSC Italia and Michele Posocco, Favini‘s Marketing Specialist and Graphic Specialist.

For Pusterla 1880 it was an interesting opportunity to talk about sustainability policies around which it develops its business.

Starting from  Fsc certifications, which will bring all the 7 plants of the group to fsc mix and recycle certifications by 2020, and ISO 14000 by 2021 we have been able to tell more specifically our corporate sustainability policies, based on 3 pillars linked to each other and equally important for a sustainable business development:

  •  Respect for the environment, doing everything in our ability to ensure that our activities impact as little as possible on the ecosystem, from the conception of packaging to the production process to the choice of suppliers.
  • The human pillar for which we fight against social exclusion, helping employees to increase their skills and bring out their diversity.
  • The economic matter, which obviously must not be forgotten in order to maintain the sustainability of our business and solid growth, by choosing weighted actions to ensure harmonious growth with the other pillars and thus have a solid corporate base.

Subsequently we described an example of development of a new project and a search for the creation of new materials:

Caleco our sustainable alternative to thermoformed products:

the packaging, besides being an excellent means of communication, must first of all protect the product. For this reason thermo-formed products are inserted which are used to stop and repair the products from impacts.

Internally we looked for an aesthetically satisfying solution, which had the power to reduce design and production times and reduce the use of plastic in this part of the packaging.

Thanks to Caleco we were able to reduce the use of plastics by 62%.

In version 2.2 we completely eliminate the plastic replacing it with thermocompressed cellulose, managing to maintain adequate costs and a 100% FSC mono-material packaging.

The SeaPet:

Within our group we have a company that prints mainly on Pet sheets, a plastic material whose functional and aesthetic characteristics in some cases are superior to those of paper (as it is transparent!).

Together with our suppliers, we looked for a sustainable alternative to PET and in view of a circular economy.

Here comes the SeaPet: a pet made up to 90% of recycled material, and 100% recyclable, with aesthetic features comparable to that of virgin PET, certified for direct contact with food, but with the very important characteristic of having used as a raw material a recycled and infinitely recyclable material, thus exploiting the capacity we have to produce new material from waste rather than just creating new waste and thus avoiding that it ends up in the ocean!

Pusterla 1880 as a packaging transformer and producer has the role of supporting the brandowners in the creation of each project, limiting the impact on the environment.

 “In the world of luxury packaging,

the choice of materials is increasingly important.

It is our duty (as producers, designers, marketing, consumers etc.)

reflect and seek sustainability in beauty;

luxury has an extra power: desire,

and being able to communicate something so important through desire

it is a power that we must use consciously. “

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