Pusterla 1880 corporate policy

The Management of Pusterla 1880 and the whole group of which it is part; are convinced that the quality of the services is an essential element for attaining the company’s objectives of growth and sustainability. As set out in the document DOC-13 DOC-G003A – Quality & CSR Group Policy & Commitments containing the guidelines of the group.

Our customers’ satisfaction shall be met thanks to our employees’ competence and involvement, which is the reason why all the staff shall work towards the continuous improvement of the quality of the products and services, through an in-house customer/supplier logic, from the commercial to the shipping department including the processes, and by making investments dedicated to purchasing reliable and high-performing equipment.

The Management has set the respect for the environment and the guarantee of safety of its own labour as the mainstay of its own work with a view to promote it.

Therefore, the Management undertakes:

Towards its customers

  • to supply products meeting the customer’s requirements in terms of quality, price and punctuality
  • to reduce the number of complaints by the customers
  • to guarantee the safety of the product supplied by taking responsibility for its compliance with the mandatory regulations

Towards its suppliers

  • to establish and effect the necessary checks and tests in order to ensure that the incoming products meet the requirements specified by the company

Towards its staff

  • to involve all the staff at any level, so that they become aware of the importance they have within the industrial development
  • to guarantee adequate qualification and professionalism through information and occupational training

Towards the company

  • to improve the company performance by reducing the costs of non-quality
  • to further reinforce the image of reliability of both the company and its products

On the subject of environment and safety

  • to observe the provisions of the law, of the company policy regulations, and the operational and management procedures;
  • to involve adequately the different levels of the organisational structure in implementing the strategic corporate principles and improvement programmes;
  • to reduce the environmental impact made by our company by monitoring:
  • emissions in the atmosphere;
  • waste water discharge;
  • waste;
  • consumption of natural resources and raw materials.
  • to adopt precise methodologies for verifying, controlling and auditing the conduct of its own environmental performance, for involving all the staff and for raising their awareness about environmental, health and safety issues.

The environmental policy of Pusterla 1880

In a sustainable development policy, the protection of the environment is a primary and constant importance for the Pusterla company and for the whole of its group that is committed to its continuous improvement in all its activities.

The search for environmental performance has always accompanied our development.

The increase in our activities, the evolution of materials and processes require a continuous reconsideration. It is in this perspective that company policy continues to define the guidelines for the coming years.

Our greatest luck is that the raw material is paper / cardboard. To preserve air quality, we encourage the use of paper / cardboard from responsible producers for which sustainable forest management is the essential concern.

We always try to maximize the proportion of vegetable or bio origin in the materials we use.

Pusterla is convinced that a systematic approach to environmental management can provide useful information to build long-term success and create opportunities to contribute to sustainable development:

  • protecting the environment by preventing or mitigating negative environmental impacts;
  • mitigating the potential negative effect of environmental conditions on the organization;
  • supporting the organization in fulfilling its compliance obligations
    improving environmental performance.

The environmental theme has always been our market strategy to generate market development opportunities and is an incentive and not limiting factor in our business. Our strategy is to influence the way our products and services are designed, manufactured, distributed, consumed and disposed of using a life cycle perspective with the aim of avoiding the movement, even involuntary, in other phases of the cycle of environmental impacts

Combining, developing and paying attention to all three factors of sustainability in a serious way, we are convinced to continue on our path as a healthy company with future prospects, continuing on a path that has seen us protagonists for years now.

We aim to disseminate our will by communicating the performance obtained and setting internal and external objectives, such as Ecovadis, increasingly stimulating to improve environmental performance in terms of waste management and optimization, energy optimization with a focus on renewable sources, strategies for reducing carbon footprints, always paying attention to compliance obligations.

The raw material, ie paper and cardboard, is our accomplice in this adventure, so we push and encourage the use of that coming from sources for sustainable forest management, continuing to be supporters and promoters of activities related to recycling with open events in our establishment in collaboration with Comieco.

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