100 ans

De l'expérience dans l'industrie du packaging

Case history

Packaging plays a fundamental role in the world of luxury.
Making a purchasing choice also based on the preciousness, sophistication and luminosity of the presentation is a pleasure any buyer deserves.
Those who design and create packs for premium cosmetics, fine wines and spirits, fashion accessories, jewelry with a high aesthetic value, thus have to face a tough and uncommon challenge.

This challenge has always been met by Pusterla 1880 S.p.A., which for many years now has been a point of reference for the whole industry as a creator of boxes for luxury brands such as Bulgari, Armani, Veuve Clicquot, Ferrè, Jean Paul Gaultier and others. A challenge marvelously met also with the pack of the perfume Mon Jasmin Noir, Bulgari 2011.

In that case, the maison’s intent was to represent two of its most famous iconic objects on these boxes: the enameled serpent-shaped watch and the Tubogas watch. The designer respected the overall image of the brand and revisited some of its icons to give them a new meaning relating the pack to its extremely sophisticated, ephemeral content.

The aim was that of creating a truly unique and precious pack, capable of generating the same emotions and dreams that you experience when you contemplate a Bulgari jewel.
The right balance in the use of foils with an exceptional performance in terms of color and brightness; and high-definition clichés of shapes and reliefs in the delicate passages with superimpositions in hot-foil stamping transfer the historic and philological research about the iconography of the brand onto the box; and guarantee the successful representation of the designer’s idea.

The result is a compendium of precious lights and symbolic references that evoke desire. Pusterla’s work has always been carried out alongside the work of the designer in the name of authenticity and at the forefront of contemporary marketing studies and applications.

The object of desire that is being sold is rich in aesthetical and ethical components that seduce the buyer, but without deceit. Pusterla always ensures a direct correspondence between the premium quality of the content and the interpretation of the external dress, in order to safeguard the identity and objectives of the brand. The company’s skill is “knowing how to produce beauty” that results from extremely qualified competences, which are, above all, about “knowing how to do things well”.
To adequately dress and present an Italian jewel of international perfumery.

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In recent years much has been done in terms of the company’s organization, and specific investments have been made in human resources to gain their trust and to help them identify with Pusterla 1880 by effectively defining their tasks and roles. Starting from coordination: both in Cazelles and in Coffrets the technical competences of the design department were separate from the plant management, which had been entrusted to two specialists who were asked to rationalize and automate a complex cycle still rich in manual processes.

Furthermore, another favorable circumstance generates hope: the “young of the family” are still working in the company today, and they have different but complementary ages and skills, which adds strength and perspective to the business and, thanks also to them, Pusterla 1880 speaks the languages of today and contemplates the world with the eyes of tomorrow.

Project and development

Pusterla 1880 is specialized in elegant presentation packaging creations, with unusual combinations of materials, printing techniques, careful and punctual service: in Pusterla 1880 boxes, artisanal accuracy encounters industrial concreteness.

The group is specialized in premium paper and plastic packaging processes for the cosmetics, perfumery, wine and spirits and luxury goods industries. Boxes that interpret customers’ needs and fashion trends, and always awaken new emotions.

Impregnated, tarred, or metallic paper, paper coupled with jute threads, nylon or heavy fabrics, or with light gauzes are just few examples of our possibilities. In short, the customers are spoilt for choice, from the simplest and most minimalistic solutions to the most exclusive and sophisticated, all the way to the selection of the perfect accessory.


For Pusterla 1880 the artisanal quality of the products is supported by a solid industrial approach that guarantees the best conditions for creativity to unfold.
This is what makes it possible for the company to grow constantly in Italy and even more in France, even in moments of market hardship.

A success story based on continuous investments in plants, technology and production areas, as well as the creation of manufacturing units in France for reasons of proximity with a good part of the clientele, and in Romania due to the widespread technical know-how in the production of premium products with a high content of manual work.

In any case, for Pusterla 1880, growing and generating wealth has always meant operating in a framework of clear rules, respect of workers’ rights and social and environmental responsibility.

This is the only opportunity the company knows and is proud of.


The undeniable skill of Pusterla 1880 in satisfying the specific requests of their clientele draws its substance from the company’s daily search for unusual shapes and materials. But not only. What really makes the difference is the extreme attention paid to service; for example the company has equipped itself with a 5-color flexographic printing machine (for overprint varnishes, iridescent and pearly), ideal to produce samples and pre-series products which can be used to test and choose among various solutions; packs which are entirely identical to the final ones, not “drafts” or “mock-ups”.