Pusterla 1880 keeps on growing

Pusterla 1880 acquires 51% of the capital of Virojanglor (VIRO); this operation helps to build

a Group that is positioned as one of the leaders in luxury secondary packaging, and further

builds on a process initiated by VIRO in 2017 with the acquisition of Interesting Sourcing


The turnover of this new entity, 100% in luxury goods and mostly in the wine & spirits,

perfume & cosmetics sectors, will approach € 100 million in 2018.

The complementarity range of products and processes, and the convergence of strategic

visions in the medium term, will enable the Group to benefit as quickly as possible from the

commercial and operational synergies generated by this acquisition, and will create the first

European player capable of offering customers complete and complex solutions, based on:

–  the uniqueness of the industrial capabilities, mixing internal and external partners, in

Europe and Asia, all of whom are specifically chosen because of their proven reputation

and expertise

–  the completeness of the business offer which now includes: cardboard folding boxes and

automatic cardboard rigid boxes, complex hand-assembled cardboard boxes, metal boxes,

PU boxes, wooden boxes, multi-material boxes and all types of thermoforming and

injected plastic

–  a logistics offer which includes the packing of the finished product with all of its contents

–  the best technical solutions and a complete supply-chain to support our Global Customers

to add value to their brands through the highest quality of secondary packaging and POS


–  our innovation capabilities and the robustness of our proven development processes

Pusterla 1880, a family-owned company founded in 1880, specializing in the field of

cardboard and located at several production sites in Italy, France, UK and Romania, offers a

state-of-the-art, cost effective system, with multiple sites in Europe, located near to their

customers’ production sites.

Virojanglor, a family company founded in 1963, and historically a European manufacturer,

with factories in France and Italy. It now relies on an exclusive partnership of factories in

China, at the forefront in their chosen field of luxury tins and metal boxes. More recently,

involved in new materials (cardboard, wood, plastic, metals) through the recent acquisition of

the company Interesting Sourcing, which since 1987 has been managing multi-material,

packaging and POS projects thanks to a strong network of partners in China.

“This merger is a sign of a new adventure and continues our growth in a market that is

constantly looking for more premium suppliers, and global service. It is based on the crossed

combination of factories at the forefront of the packaging industry for multiple materials. This

new positioning meets the expectations of our global premium markets “explain Jean-David

Curiel, President of Virojanglor Group and Roberto Marini, President of Pusterla 1880.

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